Judges Panel


Antoan Hlebarov - Bulgaria
Goran Cevleto - Macedonia
Anca Giura - Romania
Cristina Epuras - Romania
Calin Margineanu - Romania
Calin Simu - Romania
Lokodi Csaba-Zsolt - Romania
Julia Magdas - Romania
Petru Muntean - Romania
Augustin Ionescu - Romania
Marian Draganescu - Romania
Calin Mitra - Romania
Catrinel Pauna - Romania
Alexandra Palaghie-Jors - Romania


Antoan Hlebarov - Bulgaria fb-icon
ahBorn 1958 in Sofia. Graduated economics in HIE (Sofia) and informatics in Universitatea din Bucuresti. More than 20 years experience as lecturer in economics and more than 25 years professional experience in advertising and marketing communications. Married with one son.
Speaks fluent English and Russian, uses French and Romanian languages.
Started dog activities in the late 80’s. Registered the first ever Bulgarian Kennel name in FCI - Bulgarian Dream (BG001/1994) for Afghan Hounds and Piccoli Levrieri Italiani . His dogs are the first Bulgarian representatives awarded with the titles of Natianla Champions of Macedonia, Romania and Greece. All his dogs have always lived with the family in the house.
Founder of Bulgarian National Club for Afghan Hounds. Member of the Managing Board of BRFC until 2014. Member of the FCI commission for PR and Education, former member of the FCI Agility commission. Established the Junior Handler Club - Sofia, where he still teaches. Wrote a book on training and handling dogs, a lot of off- and on-line publications. Hosts a lot of handling courses in more than 20 countries all over the world. Member of World Dog Press Association since 2010. Creator and admin of FCI SHOW JUDGES group in Facebook.
Judge of BRFC since 1994 (BG18), recognized as allrounder judgesince 2019 – FCI 15729/ Judged in more than 50 countries at all continents.
Goran Cevleto - Macedonia fb-icon
goranI was born in Prilep in 1979, where i am still living. My first dog was a Sarplaninac -one of our national breeds- at my age of 14. After a couple of years, i fell in love with the breed of St. Bernhardshunds and i am still breeding them successfully under the name of kennel „Gega Saint’s „.
I am an FCI dog show judge since 2014 , and i am licensed to judge Group 2,5 and 9. Currently i am in education for the Terrier Group. Since 2015 i am President of the St. Bernard Kennel Club „Trophy Bernard”, and since 2017 i am Vice President of the Macedonian Kennel Club.

Anca Diana Giura - Romania fb-icon

I am an artist and visual art teacher in a high school of art. Most of my paintings and drawings represent dogs and horses.
I used to bred dachshunds, but now, unfortunately, I don't have enough time and space, but I always have and will have at least one dog with me.
I am a member of the Romanian Kennel Club since 1976.
I started judging 32 years ago and I remember that I was the youngest judge in my country (I was only 21 years old ! )
For many years I judged only the 4,6,7,8 and 10 groups. Then, little by little, I started judging the others groups too. 30 years after, I thought that time has come to take the big responsibility of an all rounder judge. So, since 2011 I am an all rounder judge.
I have judged in many countries: Finland, France, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Letonia, Lituania, Holland, Denmark, Russia, Malta, Greece, Ciprus, Japan, Turkey, Czech Republic, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland, etc.
I speak english, french and italian. 

 Cristina Epuras - Romania fb-icon

epurasI am an economist, living in Bucharest the capital of Romania. I breed English Cocker Spaniel since i was a teenager, but i fell in love with the English Bulldog too.

I had the kennel Crisdan(English Cocker Spaniel, but now i am an all rounder judge.

I had great results with my dogs in the shows: European Jr. Ch., European Puppy Ch., dogs placed in Top Dog Romania, Bis and Supreme Bis.

I have judged in many countries:Romania, Serbia, Finland, Estonia, Italy, France, Letonia.

I speak english and french.

Petru Muntean - Romania fb-icon

pmI am a show judge since 1991 but I have joined the Dog World since 1974 when I got my first dog, a Pekingese. During the years I have owned various breeds but my constant love remained the Dachshunds.
In 1986 I became the President of Hunedoara County Kennel Club, and also a member in the Romanian Kennel Club’s board. From these positions, I have organized various shows and many other canine competitions. During 1996-2001, I had the honour of being elected President of the Romanian Kennel Club.
I have been nominated as all-rounder judge in 2005 and, the same year elected as vice-president of Romanian Kennel Club, function I assume until today. As international judge I had the opportunity to judge in more than 50 countries all over the World. All this years I had the pleasure and the honour to judge some important events as European, Asian section shows and World Dog Shows and I consider myself the proud inventor of the most well-known Romanian Dog Show … Dracula Golden Trophy. One of my ambitions was to be able to judge in all F.C.I. official languages to which I can add the Italian, Hungarian and Russian.

Calin Margineanu - Romania fb-icon

margineanu2020I was born in 1973 and i'm a dog show judge since 2004. I'm licensed to judge Gr, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 BOG and BIS .I am a veterinarian since 1997. In 1980-1986 i owned my first miniature Schnauzer salt and pepper Nicki Lauda that became Ro Ch CL.Between 1985-1988 i owned a beautiful german Boxer "Donaukriger Emma Teresa" that won the title "Champion of Romania". Since 2000 i'm owning Pocker's Kennel ,breeding mini schnauzer black, black and silver ,pepper and salt .Over time ,the dogs from my kennel won 50 BIS . With my family I'm owning Wippets, Scottish Deerhound, Greyhound and one Chihuahua,the leader of the pack . Some result of our Sighthounds are: Wippets- Jun EU Winner2010, Vice Eu jun winner 2012,WDS 2013-Ex 3 ,Open Class. Deerhounds- EDS 2018 Intermediate class winner and rez CACIB and Eu jun winner 2019 and Best junior. I had the honnor to judge many times in different countries as: Finland, Norway, Estonia,Hungary, Serbia,Ucraina,Romania ! Since 2004 I am the President of Kennel Club Turda, And every year organize Turda Dog Show.

Calin Simu - Romania fb-icon
Calin Simu started his career at an early age; he was only 16 when in 1979 he became a member of the Chinologic Association in his home town, Cluj Napoca.In that period, whith passion and success he used to breed Fox and Welsh Terriers under the Wirehill affix. In 1989 he started breeding Wirehaired Standard Dachshunds, a breed he still owns today. Under Dachsjager affix he has had many high quality generations. He is founding member of Napoca Association, where he was president for a while. He also contributed to the foundation of the  National Terrier and Teckel in Roumania, where now he is vice-president in charge of organizing shows. Calin got his judging licence in 1997. In recent years, he has been known as a journalist contributing to Dog Fancy magazin. Calin is qualified to judge all breeds in FCI groups 2, 3, 4, 6,7, 8 and 10, as well as some from group 1. Until now he judged in many European Contries: Hungary, Roumania, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Japan.

 Lokodi Csaba Zsolt - Romania fb-icon

zsoltBreeding & showing
As a child I was surrounded by dogs as my parents have been breeding Hungarian Puli since 1973. However, I did not maintain the family tradition in breeding Hungarian Puli and I purchased my first Airedale Terrier in the middle of the1980’s, a breed I admired whenever I caught sight of them at the dog shows of the 80’s. Thus, in 1988 I founded my own kennel under the name of “Nyaradmenti” and later I changed to “Happytails1988.ro”. As years passed, Airedale Terriers were followed by Wirehaired Dachshunds at the beginning of 1989, and in 1990 I imported the first Welsh Terrier in Romania. Unfortunately at the beginning of the 90’s the quality of Airedale Terriers in our country was so low that even the imported males could not improve the breed. So in the middle of the 90’s I imported a few females from different bloodlines from Hungary, Belgium, Poland, Germany and also from the USA the famous male Am Ch Terrydale HK Shaireab Online (the Montgomery sweepstakes winner in 1999 {78 entries}). The quality of the Welsh Terriers produced in my kennel (1990-2010) was showing an ascending tendency towards modern lines. The famous names in the breed in that period (many world& European winners) can be found in all the pedigrees of Welsh Terriers born in Romania. I kept a Wirehaired Dachshund as a family dog, that is why I had few litters, but all of very good quality, marking the breed in Romania. Here I’d like to mention the father of the BOB in the 2003 Poznan European Dog Show. At the moment we breed and show Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds and Airedale Terriers, selecting and promoting very carefully the quality of our bloodline combining it with quality dogs from all over the world. The Champion quality results at the above mentioned 3 breeds (more than 12 generations); we obtained quality dogs with positive feedbacks from the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and Europe. Many of the dogs bred by us become founding dogs for other new kennels.

I passed my first exam as FCI judge in 1991, later in 2008 I became FCI all-breed international judge. In my activity as a judge, I had the honor to judge at many speciality shows and I had also the privilege to judge at many famous shows in many countries in all over the world and also in World and European Dog shows.

Kennel Club Activity
I have been a very active member of my kennel club since the middle of the 80’s and in 1997 I became the President of the kennel club and together with my team we organize the famous Dracula Dog Show. In 1996 together with some passionate friends we founded the National Terrier and Dachshund Club. Since then I am the President of the National Terrier Club. I was the advisor of the President of the Stud Book between 1996-1999, and between 2000-2004 I was the member of Disciplinary Commission of the Romanian Kennel Club. Since 2004 I have been the chinotechnic vice president of the Romanian Kennel Club and starting with 2009 also the vice president of the Judge Board. I want to continue to contribute to the chinology with my knowledge, with my passionate work as a breeder, as a judge, organizer and mentor of my kennel club, the one that taught me how to become chinologist.

“A society cannot succeed without a cynologic education
ing.LOKODI Csaba-Zsolt

Julia Magdas - Romania fb-icon


I was born in 1986 in an animal-lover family. The favourite animals of my family were dogs and horses. As a child I participated with my father at many national and international dog shows. The breeds we presented were Puli, Pointer, Rottweiler and Bullmastiff. My affection to animals determined me to become a veterinarian. I gratuated in 2012 the University Of Veterinary Medicine Cluj Napoca. During my studies I owned Miniature Wire Dachshund, the breed I still own and wich determined me to start my judge career with the 4th FCI group.

I became group judge in 2013 and at this moment I judge groups I, IV, IX.

I started my judge career at DDS, therefore it is a special pleasure for me to return to this wonderful event.

Gusti Ionescu - Romania fb-icon
gustiI started WOLF POINT KENNEL in 1993, with German Shepherds. 
But meeting Winner Of Iditarod Cora "TUNDRA" (a very sweet Husky female) I realized soon that my real love is the Siberian Husky. 
After more than 22 husky - years, I have the satisfaction that WOLF POINT is the kennel name of numerous world, european and international champions. Our dogs are succesfully presented allover Europe... France, Italy, Hungary, Finland, Austria, Bulgaria, Russia, but also on other continents, in Brasil, Indonesia, Philippine, India... I started also breeding Akitas with the same success.
Willing to do more for the development of this wonderful breeds, in 2005 I became also judge for Group V and VIII FCI. 
At this time I 'm judge for the groups: I, II, III, V, VII and VIII and I am invited to judge all over the world.

Marian Draganescu - Romania fb-icon

mdBreeder activity
I entered the world of dog shows in 1998, when I started as a Collie owner and continued as handler and breeder of Saint Bernard.
I've start breeding dachshunds in 2005. In 2007 I have imported a male from Portugal- Pi Da QuintaD'Aroeira, and in 2010 one from Barsil, the male Treis Pinheiros Sunday Silence, which becames in the same year, Res. World Winner and European Winner, where it also has been the Best of Breed. In Cruft's Competition it wons First in Class.
In 2011 arrived in the kennel fom Brasil a new male, Treis Pinheiros Fibonacci, which became European Winner 2012.
Dogs born in my kennel results at major competitions, respectively: Always Early of Karma's Legacy was Junior European Winner in 2009 and Darma of Karma's Legacy was Reserve European Winner 2012, Ford of Karma's Legacy won Junior European Winner 2012, World Winner 2013 and Res. CACIB EW 2013, Omar of Karma's Legacy won Reserve European Winner 2016 and European Winner 2017.
I 've presented dachshunds in many dog shows, including Cruft's, every year, each time getting results and Eukanuba World Challenge.My dogs have been consistently successful around the world,winning many BOB and groups.
Judge Activity
As a judge I have been honored to be invited to judge in International Competitions in Romania and in other countries as Hungary, Finnland, Brasil,Norway, Slovenia, Portugal, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Egypt, Spania, Germany, Austria and to judge the Dachshund National Specialty in Norway, Brasil, Russia, Lithuania, Hungary and Portugal.
I am licensed as FCI international judge for Group I, Group II, Group III , Group IV, Group VII, Group VIII andGroup IX , BOG and BIS

Calin Mitra - Romania fb-icon

mitra2019He was born in Oradea, his father being a hunter had two dogs, one Airedale terrier and one German Short-haired Pointing Dog. Since his childhood he was atracted by nature, so he began to study horticulture and breeding  dogs Miniature and Giant Schnauzers, Rottweiler and Komondor. As he enjoyed very much canine sports, he imported the first Border Collie in Romania, producing many valuable puppies, one of them Der Bartiege Vikinger Fanni becoming european champion at dog sports. He was the President of Bihor Kennel Club between 2000 and 2008 and organizer of the double shows Oradea-Debrecen. 
He is an FCI judge since 2006.

 Catrinel Pauna - Romania fb-icon

cpMy first Deutsch Kurzhaar came into my family in 1995, when I was 15 years old. In 1996 I started showing him and this is how everything began. Afterwards I imported several German bloodline Deutsch Kurzhaars and started breeding since 2004. I am breeding Deutsch Kurzhaars under Karpaten Irbis and Donau-Wirbeln affixes. Dogs bred by me are successfully shown around the world and I have produced Champions of many countries: Australia, USA, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Cyprus, Russia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Philippines and also Asia Pacific, Asia & International Champions. Besides that, my offspring are hunting around the world and passed many hunting exams typical for the Deutsch Kurzhaar, including the famous Dr. Kleemann-Zuchtausleseprüfung and Internationale Kurzhaarprüfung.
I became a judge in 2008 and I judged in several countries (Japan, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria) and also in the most important events for the breed I own – Internationale Kurzhaar Prüfung (IKP) and Dr. Kleemann-Zuchtausleseprüfung, organized by the German breed club. I am currently a judge for groups 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 10.

 Alexandra Palaghie-Jors - Romania fb-icon 

jors alexandra1Having been involved in dogs since my childhood, when I was 13 years old and attended my first dog show with my very first Chow-Chow. It was the start of a dream, to establish my own kennel: Majestic Sandial.  Since that time I have shown my Chow-Chows with success and I am proud to have achieved many Championship titles in different countries, BIS and Group placements, having one of my dogs in Top Ten Dogs of the Year in Romania is a particular highlight. I imported excelent quality Chows from renown kennels, improving the quality of this breed in my country, I also imported the first smooth variety Chow-Chow registered in the Romanian Studbook.  I have been a member of Asociatia Chinologica a jud. Mures since 2005.   I am a National judge of Group V FCI.


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